NanoDays, an educational festival about nanoscale science, was held in the Malecón of Cataño City on May 3.

Students, professors and volunteers of CIRE2N were ready for all the curious minds that were to come. Graduate and undergraduate students gave interactive demonstrations relevant to their research and were eager to answer all the public’s questions.

Each station had a different experiment that represented the things they do back in the laboratory. There was an experiment with lemons and batteries, another with highlighters and even one with dry ice.

This video shows a representation Marielys Torres Díaz made on how CIRE2N is planning to work with magnetic materials for environmental remediation.

CIRE2N celebrates this festival each year with the purpose of creating more interest in the emerging STEM field of Environmental Nanotechnology as well as to educate the community on the subject and how we are contributing with our research to Cataño and El Corredor del Yaguazo.


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