Project Description

MOS are widely used gas sensing materials due to their low cost, wide range of detectable gases, and chemical stability at the operation conditions.

IRG2 will tailor the synthesis of new nano composite MOS materials including (but not limited to): SnO2, ZnO, TiO2, WO3, and CuO. These materials will be prepared as nanowires, nanoshells, and nanoparticles using a combination of CVD, PVD, electrospinning and electrochemical deposition.

The proposed approaches for the formation of the composites are:

  • Novel morphologies with mixed composites
  • Highly porous nanowires will be prepared by co-electrodeposition in porous alumina templates of intermediaries and main materials.
  • Synthesis of zinc oxide and tin dioxide nanoshells as active elements for CO and NOx detection. Zinc and Tin oxide nanoshells will be fabricated in nano and mesoscales.

For operation in high humidity conditions, promising metal oxide heterostructures will be first tested in the laboratory under gas mixtures flow with different RH percentages and the ones less affected by high RH values will be selected.