Project Description

The main goal of this subproject is to understand the behavior of the interaction of plants and nZVI for in situ applications in contaminated wetlands soils, a process known as phytonanoremediation.


The subproject will consist of three parts:

1) eco- hydrologic assessment of the wetland

2) bioprospecting of heavy metals in the plant/soil/groundwater matrix

3) establishment of in situ experiments combining the plant/soil/groundwater matrix with nZVI.


The in-situ phyto/nanoremediation experiments will be carried out as follows: nZVI nanoparticles will be placed in the four cardinal spots near the plant species chosen for the studies, between 5-10 cm depth where fine roots are located. Five plants of each species will be used for the research. nZVI nanoparticles will also be placed at the same substrate depth in five 100 cm2 plant-free plots in each stand.