Project Description

The main objectives of this subproject are geared toward addressing challenges in:

  • (1) Synthesis of nanocatalyst coated membrane (CCM) that enables better catalyst utilization under real fuel cell conditions.
  • (2) Developing more stable facet selective Pt-based nanocatalysts and other novel nanocatalysts with high performance.
  • (3) Assembling more durable alkaline membranes with lower resistance.

The knowledge developed here will provide the basis for using ammonia as an affordable, sustainable, carbon-free fuel for potable power generation and water purification applications, which will have an impact on economic development, national security, and environmental health.

The main feature is to integrate fundamental electrocatalysis at nanostructured energy materials with operando XAS/XES and XRD studies.

The membranes that will be tested in our alkaline fuel cell conditions will be done in collaboration with Abruña’s Research Group (An Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance Study of a Prospective Alkaline Anion Exchange Membrane Material for Fuel Cells: Anion Exchange Dynamics and Membrane Swelling).

The collaborative approach will be based on an increased and frequent reciprocal exchange of ideas and best operational procedures to accomplish the objective of the proposed work.